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Bearded dragon has a favorite sock that he absolutely freaks out over on laundry day

Not everyone has a cat, dog or bird for a pet. Some people prefer their animals without fur or feathers and instead go for spikes and claws—and big personalities. Reptiles are usually viewed as tank-dwelling creatures that sort of just hang out, but they can be just as entertaining as having a silly Golden Doodle around.

One bearded dragon, Percy, is showing the internet just how fun reptiles can be with the help of his favorite sock and human mom, Caitlin. The sock isn’t a tiny sock made for dragons; it’s a human sock that’s almost as big as he is. Percy pulls the sock around the house, but it’s wash day that really gets him going.

The beardie just can’t contain himself when his favorite sock is being washed. There’s no tricking him either. He knows which sock is his, and he will let his human know that a different sock is unacceptable.

When it’s wash day, Percy gets a little sassy while waiting for his sock buddy to be cleaned.

“So, when it comes to laundry day, Percy does not like that,” Caitlin says before explaining further. “So if I put the sock in the laundry, he gets all confused. Then he begins looking for his sock.”

Caitlin says Percy begins to run after her like he’s mad at her for putting the sock in the laundry. The beardie also bobs his head when he’s “confronting” his mom about the missing sock. Caitlin explains that head bobbing for bearded dragons is a sign of dominance. Essentially, Percy is talking back and attempting to force his mom to produce the missing sock.

Who knew bearded dragons could be so demanding and hilarious? If you want to watch Percy sass his mom for his missing sock, which is also his cuddle buddy, check out the video below.

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