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People can’t stop poking fun at this dad who passed out in the delivery room

When you’re the non-birthing parent in a delivery room, your job is to be strong and supportive. It’s not to faint while your significant other is going through one of the most painful experiences of her life.

Cody Johnson, the husband of new mom Corianne, failed on all fronts.

A viral video on TikTok with 13 million views shows Cody passed out on the delivery room floor while his wife prepares to give birth. After regaining consciousness, he was given a spot on the couch and a juice box, like a small child, to recuperate. All while his wife was hard at work bringing a child into this world.

“I knew he was going to pass out. I regret not betting money on it!” Corianne, 26, told “He can’t handle needles. He didn’t even see the needle go into my back — he just saw the needle and that was it. He went down.”


He tried his best! 😂

Cody should take solace in the fact that it’s fairly common for men to faint in delivery rooms. Father Resource says it’s usually due to low blood sugar or dad getting squeamish at the sight of blood. So, if you’re going to be in the delivery room any time soon, remember to eat well and drink plenty of water.

The video has over 57,000 comments, many of which are people making fun of Cody for falling on the job.

“I would have laughed so hard the baby would have just came right out,” Jenny Bean, said after watching the video.

“Are we allowed to ask nurses to ignore them if they do this? You are not taking my moment away,” mimikyuuuuuu36 joked.

But Cody has a good sense of humor about the viral post. “They’re savage. We’ve just been laughing at them,” Corianne said.

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