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Pet mom narrates her cat and dog’s fights like it’s an actual cage match and it’s spot on

Sure, the internet is chock-full of videos showing sweet, charming friendships between animals. You know—tiny kittens nestled up in the fur of a Saint Bernard, a cheetah who pals around with a chihuahua, that sort of thing.

But let’s be real, there’s a reason why the phrase “fighting like cats and dogs” exists.

No one knows this reason better than Meg, a pet mom who has taken to narrating the scuffles between her cat (Maris) and dog (Mickey) like it’s a real match.

The best part is Meg’s creativity with naming the moves. Like in the video below, where Maris apparently “bamboozles” Mickey with some “diabolical sideways skiddily daps.”

That’s right. Skiddily daps. Please let this word be accepted Merriam Webster.


@mickeymarisandmeg Replying to @gourdfarmer in which we see a sideways skiddily dap and a very underwhelming butt fluff trophy #labradorretriever #fightclub #dogsoftiktok #catsoftiktok #capcut #animals ♬ Bops Goin Brazy – Tyga

Unlike most of their brawls, this one was more a non-verbal fight, and named Maris as the very lazy victor. With an underwhelming “butt fluff trophy” in her claws, Maris was reminded that “battles can be won lying down.”

Don’t worry, this next skirmish over the coveted futon packs a bit more of a punch.

Ever the instigator, Maris starts off with s sassy muzzle nudge to suggest a thrown was imminent. Then cue a stunning display of impressive moves between both competitors, including, a hindquarter sniff banned in “46 countries worldwide,” a “2 pawed forklift”, a “stoic tripod” that moves into a “hippity hop”…and yes, more skiddlily daps.

Who will win? Watch to find out.

@mickeymarisandmeg the fight for the futon rages on and we see a beautiful rendition of the stoic tripod and two-pawed forklift. #fightclub #petsoftiktok #catsoftiktok #capcut #fypシ #dogsoftiktok #bestfriend ♬ original sound – Mickey, Maris & Meg

Okay, so this fight ended in a draw (lame technicalities!) but both Mickey and Maris the hearts of millions online. With animals, there’s always some kind of wholesome entertainment to be had.

Catch even more of their fluffy scuffles on TikTok


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