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Identical twins surprise dad with classic identity prank and his reaction is delightful

Identical twins get to do some things the rest of us don’t, from forming their own unique language as babies to fooling friends, family and teachers with identity-switching pranks.

Usually, parents of twins are immune to such tricks, as they recognize the subtle differences between their offspring even when others might be duped. However, under the right circumstances, identical twins can pull a fast one even on their mom or pop.

Such was the case with two adult twin men who decided to surprise their dad. Musa, who plays basketball overseas and hadn’t seen their father in a year and a half due to the pandemic, pretended to be Muhammad, the son their dad sees frequently. Musa donned his brother’s glasses and clothing and even held Muhammad’s child when he arrived at the father’s door in an attempt to fool their old man.

Both twins have the same beard, and in the dim light of night, it’s understandable that Dad wouldn’t think his son wasn’t who he appeared to be. And to be extra sneaky about it, Musa-pretending-to-be-Muhammad immediately asked their unsuspecting dad if he had talked to Musa lately. Well played.

Watch the father’s face when the other brother walks through the door and he starts to figure out the practical joke.

That few moments of confusion as dear old dad tried to figure out who was who was hilarious, but his joy in having his sons together was palpable. Clearly, he didn’t mind that his kids tricked him. And those forehead kisses? Too precious.

USA Today talked with Muhammad, Musa, and their father, Rashad, about their close relationship. Gotta love a family filled with so much love, affection, and mutual respect—and of course, a great sense of humor.

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