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Son reads dad’s adorable review aloud: Barbie’s a superhero ‘more powerful than Superman’

Conor O’Brien, who goes by @cobreezyy on TikTok, has delighted over 5 million people on the platform by sharing his father’s rave review of “Barbie,” in which he claims the film is a turning point in human history.

The review is super sweet because middle-aged dads aren’t exactly the target demographic for the film. It also is a solid rebuke of the male voices in the media who have labeled the film “anti-male.”

Conor’s dad, Dan O’Brien, didn’t hold back when he shared his thoughts in the family group text. “I think Barbie is going to change the world. We will think of life as BB/AB Before Barbie/After Barbie. I can’t stop thinking about it. Already in my top 5 movies, I think,” Dan wrote.

His son was grinning ear to ear while reading the text on TikTok, claiming that the review was “too good not to share.”


I think my dad really liked Barbie #barbie #barbiemovie #moviereview #fyp

His father compared “Barbie” with the popular superhero characters that have taken over modern cinema, which he believes are two-dimensional. But Dan thinks that Barbie is a fully-fleshed-out character who shows every part of herself in the film.

“Barbie is a superhero movie, but she is more powerful than Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, etc,” Dan writes. “She uses her EQ, thoughts, senses, feelings, intellect, courage, and confidence & love. And she can communicate all of it immediately in real-time.”

He also has no problem with the film’s feminist message. “Barbie takes on the patriarchy with surgical precision,” he writes.

The father also understands the importance of a massive blockbuster with a female lead. He compares it to the moments when America has chosen to elect presidents who broke the mold, such as John F. Kennedy or Barack Obama.

“Women’s roles in cinema have been getting much more significant, but Barbie lands like JFK as the first Catholic Pres. and Obama as the 1st black president,” Dan writes.

The father ended his review by claiming the world will never be the same after the film’s release. “All the king’s horses and all the king’s men, couldn’t put Barbie back in her box again,” Dan ended his review.

Much like an election where Americans choose to support one side of the political argument over the other, “Barbie” was an opportunity for Americans to either accept or reject a film with overtly feminist themes. But “Barbie” has won in the court of public opinion, raking in over $1 billion at the box office and receiving praise from critics proving the naysayers wrong.

There’s nothing that Hollywood likes more than a winner, so Barbie’s success is sure to inspire a new wave of like-minded films. Some say it has also helped to usher in a new wave of “bimbo feminism,” where it’s OK for women to embrace their femininity while also supporting women’s advancement.

The review is earning a lot of love on TikTok, where commenter macattack6161 called it “Singlehandedly the best Barbie review I’ve heard.”

“He not only liked Barbie, he understood it,” amandanicole411 added.

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