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Dad pranks daughter with a fake job interview filled with lies and she can’t stand it

Every parent knows that young children will believe just about anything you tell them, within reason. Part of being a parent is becoming a master of the white lie to distract your kids from things they aren’t quite ready to hear or to have some innocent fun.

But when 6-year-old Abby, a popular TikTok personality, heard her dad telling whopper after whopper on a fake job interview, she wouldn’t stand for it. Abby, now 7, is the star of the Along Came Abby TikTok channel with over 3.9 million followers.

Abby’s dad, Andrew Terry, set up a fake job interview with a potential employer where he told lie after lie with his daughter sitting beside him. The point of the prank was to get a reaction out of her. The good news for the Terry family is that she’s obviously a girl with a solid moral compass because she couldn’t stand hearing her dad’s constant lies.

Andrew indicated that the potential employer wanted to see one of his children, so he had Abby sit next to him in the interview.


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“I dress like this every day,” Andrew says, sitting properly in his tan suit with a blue tie. “I get up at 4 a.m. Every morning, I go for a run—and I run for about 12 miles.” At the onset, Abby looks beside herself, but she keeps her composure until her dad notes that he washes the dishes every morning before his wife, Abby’s mom, Lissa, even gets up.

Abby can’t stand it, so she jumps up and yells, “Cut!”

“Shhh… Abby, Please,” Andrew tells his daughter under his breath. “That’s not true!” Abby retorts.

Andrew regains his composure and then goes on a jag about how after he does the dishes, he bathes the dog so that when his wife gets up, “everything is done.” This is too much for Abby. “Bye!” Abby says before storming off.

But Andrew is able to coax her back for more of his whimsy by noting that his potential employer “is going to hear this.” He then reveals that he only eats vegetables and never any pizza.

“Come on! You eat sugar all day,” Abby tells her dad.

Abby can no longer stand the charade after Andrew admits that when he met her mother, he played centerfield for the New York Yankees. At that point, Abby walks off camera, never to return.

Since being released in November 2022, the video has had over 9.3 million views and has received over 22,000 comments.

“Her moral compass is STRONG,” CylynG2020 wrote.

“I hope you told her how awesome it is that she didn’t want to stand for the lies. She is awesome,” j friend:) added.

The video is fun because it shows how even young children pay attention to their parents and know their daily habits. It’s a good reminder for parents everywhere that their kids have an eye on them and to beware of the subconscious examples they’re setting for them on a daily basis.

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