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Most men are fine with women running companies but not the government, study says

Back in 2018, a survey found that Americans are more in favor of a female CEO than a female head of government. According to the TheReykjavik Index for Leadership, which was conducted by data and consultancy company Kantar in order to measure how people feel about women in leadership, 65 percent of Americans feel “very comfortable with the idea of a female CEO, but only 5 percent feel the same way about a female head of government.

The survey also highlighted the difference in opinion between genders. Not surprising, more women were in favor with a woman in power, with 70 percent of women stating they felt “very comfortable” with a female CEO, and only 55 percent of men stating the same thing. Only 45 percent of men expressed they felt this way about a female head of government.The results were published at the Women Political Leaders Global Forum in Reykjavik, Iceland.

u201cThis is a fascinating, frustrating and important new index: u201cThe evidence shows that we have a long way to go before equality in leadership between men and women is the social norm.u201d Reykjavik Index For Leadership n#equality #womenleadersu201d

— Women’s Forum of New York (@Women’s Forum of New York)

The study was conducted between September and October, and interviewed over 10,000 people in each of the G7 countries.

u201cDiscussion of the u201eReykjavik Index For Leadershipu201c at the Women Leaders Global Forum. There is so much more to do to tackle unconscious bias as well as explicit bias that prevent gender equality become reality. u2069#WomenLeadersIceland #Diversity #Leaders #Poweru201d

— H D Werner (@H D Werner)

Interestingly, the United States ranked third in comfortability with a female head of government, but first with a female CEO.

Here’s how the G7countries ranked in terms of feeling “Very comfortable” with a female head of government:

1. United Kingdom, 58percent

2. Canada, 57 percent

3. United States, 52 percent

4. Italy, 42 percent

5. France, 40 percent

6. Germany, 26 percent

7. Japan, 23 percent

And how the G7 countries ranked in terms of feeling “Very comfortable” with a female CEO:

1. United States, 63 percent

2. Canada (tied), 59 percent

3. United Kingdom (tied), 59 percent

4. France, 44 percent

5. Italy, 42 percent

6. Germany, 29 percent

7. Japan, 24 percent

It looks like your daughter stands a chance of becoming the next Theresa May in England, but in America, she’d be better off striving to become the next Indra Nooyi.

With that said, the study has been lauded as a step in the right direction for increasing the transparency of public opinion.

23%of german men feel comfortable with having a womanceo…


Check out theReykjavik Index for

—Henrike von Platen (@henrikeVplaten) November27, 2018

u201cThe Reykjavik Index for Leadership: @Michel1eH presents @Kantar research on perceptions values and attitudes towards men and women being seen as equally suitable for leadership in #G7 – Panelists : keep quotas as a permanent nudge for structural changes to lead to cultural changeu201d

— Anne Tamara (@Anne Tamara)

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