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Woman has a funny reaction to waking up under anesthesia: ‘They took my tonsils and my hat!’

It’s pretty common for people to exhibit some strange behaviors after coming out of anesthesia. Anesthesiologists call it “postoperative delirium.” It can happen after major surgery and after dental work. Dentists say it’s common for patients to weep uncontrollably after waking up from having their wisdom teeth removed.

A Utah woman named Skye is going viral after a video taken by her mother, Shani Jensen, shows her crying while saying some hilarious things after having her tonsils removed. Skye is upset because the nurses didn’t let her see her tonsils, and her mom let them dispose of the cap she wore, which she refers to as “her hat.”

“They keep taking my stuff here. They took my tonsils, they took my hat!” Skye says in the video with tears streaming down her face. “It’s going to be OK, though, because I got a new one … When I put it on, I just feel much better,” she said while putting on a new disposable surgical cap.”


‘They took my tonsils’: A woman is going viral after video captured her hysterical reaction while under anesthesia for a tonsillectomy. #fyp #viralvideo #funny

During the video, Skye pushes back against her mother, who says that she shouldn’t post anything on social media while under the influence of anesthesia, which makes a lot of sense. But Skye isn’t having it.

“What’s embarrassing about being a warrior, Mom?” Skye asks petulantly. “She doesn’t get it.”

Skye then recalled an embarrassing moment she had before surgery. “I forgot to wear underwear here,” she said. I forgot, and they said: ‘You can take everything else off but leave your underwear.’ I said: ‘I’m not wearing any!’”

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