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Baby has perfect faces while pretending to be a ‘tall woman’ on her mom’s shoulders

Cartoons and TV shows always made it look like stacking three kids on top of each other under a long coat could fool anyone. “Move along folks, nothing to see here. Just an abnormally tall man with the face of a toddler,” is the vibe those scenes gave off and somehow the trick almost always worked.

But it’s really not something that’s ever come up in real life. No rogue kindergarteners attempting to get into a bar by hiding under a long overcoat. It seemed like one of those things you’d encounter more often growing up, you know…like the quicksand problem that plagued the country. Children are simply much more supervised than cartoons would have you believe. But just because there’s supervision doesn’t mean there can’t be shenanigans.

TikTok user, Messi Ross uploaded a video of her toddler pulling the old stack people to pretend you’re an adult gag. Except, mom was in on it.

Well, technically since she’s clearly a toddler, it’s not like she could pull it off on her own. Ross hoisted her toddler daughter up on her shoulders to go shopping and hilarity ensues. As they walk through the store looking like a very tell lady with a tiny head, the baby’s facial expressions somehow matched up with her mom’s actions.

Tyla uploaded the video on Facebook with captions making the video even more hilarious. Commenters are enjoying the silly shopping experience, too.

“This remind me of a movie The Little Rascals stymie and Spanky dress as gentleman went to take out loan,” one person writes.

“I would die of laughing if I saw this in person. So cute and funny,” another says.

“This is so adorable!!! Put a big smile on my face!!! Thank you!!!,” one person writes.

Watch the video below:

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