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Woman picks up a stranger at the grocery store in funny case of mistaken identity

Everyone’s done it at least once. You recognize someone, so you shout, wave or playfully give them a tap, and sometimes you embarrass yourself when you realize it wasn’t someone you knew at all. One woman had that experience and it resulted in a giggle-filled retelling shared on social media, because she didn’t just accidentally wave to a stranger, she picked them up from behind.

Corey Engmann, a dog trainer out of Kansas City, uploaded a video to social media of her sitting in her car attempting to explain what she just experienced. The mom of three said she was in the checkout line when she noticed her friend from behind and decided to scoop her up in a playful joke.

Except the person she picked up was not her friend at all, it was an older woman. Engmann physically lifted an unsuspecting stranger off their feet while they were minding their business at the grocery store. During the entire video recounting the event, the dog trainer was in the midst of a full giggle fit.

Engmann laughed and wiped tears as she explained what she did when she saw her “friend” in the checkout line. “I gave her a big bear hug from behind and I picked her up off the ground and I went ‘BOO!’ and she screams so loud and I was laughing. And I put her down and she turned around, and it wasn’t my friend.”

The two women had a good laugh while in the grocery store but it was when Engmann attempted to make it right that she realized her error caused a problem. After offering to buy the older woman’s groceries, the woman declined and informed her she needed new pants because she wet herself from the surprise bear hug.

It’s so much better to hear Engmann tell it. Watch the video below:


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