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Life hack expert explains why Monday is by far the best day to have off

Since the pandemic, more Americans have the ability to choose where and when they work. So, TikTokker Jordan Howlett, known as Jordan the Stallion8, shared his thoughts on the best day of the week to take off. Howlett has earned mayor status on TikTok, earning over 11 million followers for his reactions, candid monologues, life hacks and fast-food tricks.

His post reacted to a post by TikTokker @Colinlowkey8, who claimed: “Having Monday off is infinitely better than having Friday off.”

Here’s why Jordan agrees:

“When you have Mondays off, it feels way better than having Fridays off. Because when you have a Friday off, that weekend feels a bit longer. However, when you start the next work week, that work week feels like an eternity to get to the next weekend,” Jordan explains. “However, when you have Mondays off now, your technical work week changes.”


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He explains that when Monday is your day off, each day back in the office feels like the previous one, although you’re a day ahead. “So, it feels like you have Monday off and Friday off. So really, having Mondays off, and we should just do that permanently, it just feels better, I’m not gonna lie to you,” Jordan continues.

He must have been onto something because the video has gone viral, receiving over 10 million views and over 7,700 comments.

“Having Monday off is the best. No traffic. Mall is empty. It’s perfect,” the most popular commenter, GossipGirl, wrote. However, Manny pointed out one problem with Mondays off. Saturday is tough. “I’m off Sunday Monday, get off at 1:30 pm Saturday, and man, does the weekend feel like 3 days off, lol,” Manny.

No matter what day of the week you enjoy having off, the great news is that given the ever-changing American workweek, more and more people can choose when they like to work. So, if you’re a partier, you’ll probably love Fridays off. But if you love shopping in an empty mall, Monday is all you.

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