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Owner of ‘cat burglar’ is forced to own up to her kitty’s obsession with criminal activity

Everyone knows that cats are interesting pets to own. Or maybe I should say live with because there doesn’t seem to be any “owning” cats. They do what they want, whenever they feel like it and lucky for their human roommates, they’re essentially born litter box trained.

As long as you scoop their poop, give them exactly 2.5 strokes on their heads at a 45 degree angle every fortnight, and keep them from ever seeing the bottom of their food bowl…they’ll let you play owner. The second you deviate from their reasonable expectation of living conditions, they’ll bite you. Given that cats do what they want no matter what their human says, it makes perfect sense that one woman found herself giving in to her cat’s daily burglaries.

Cleo is a domestic black cat that has taken it upon himself to break into people’s houses and cars to remove items he wants for himself.

Does a cat need expensive shape wear? No, because they don’t wear clothes, but if you ask Cleo, he might just have plans to wear that cute dress he stole the week before. But the mischievous cat didn’t always steal other people’s belongings. Jean Weeks, the cat’s human explained that he didn’t start confiscating other people’s belongings until they went on vacation.

“This summer we were traveling and he got pretty crazy about stealing,” Weeks tells KNS 5. “A couple of the neighbors have told me that he’s climbed into their house through their window.”

Nothing seems to deter the furry thief, either. He’s been caught on video, he’s been scolded and even had a visit to the big house (aka the vet’s office), to no avail. Now his human has a box of shame she keeps all of the things Cleo has collected inside so the neighbor’s can stop by and get their stuff.

Check out the culprit below:

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