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Mom tells wild story of how her daughter kidnapped a ‘chocolate baby’ while out grocery shopping

Sometimes we hear a story that makes us collectively confused. Should we be offended? Laugh? Donate to a parents future bail fund for their children? It’s really a toss up but the consensus on this mom’s eyebrow raising story is that laughter and bail money are both appropriate responses.

Maranda Arbogast, a mom that runs the TikTok page, momma.chaos, shared a hilariously mortifying story of a time she took her three daughters grocery shopping and somehow wound up in a, “one of these things is not like the others” moment. The mom of three leads into the story by explaining that she is raising children that will likely have run ins with the law.

“Some families gotta save money for medical expenses or college funds. We gotta save money for bail because we are raising criminals, especially my middle daughter. It’s always the middle child,” Arbogast jokes. “She’s gotta be frisked before we leave anywhere.”

Arbogast explains that her middle daughter has stolen everything from her neighbor’s engagement ring to a baby from Walmart. Pause. A baby? Yes, a real baby human. If you’re a person that has questions about how that happens, no worries. The mom of three merry mischief makers explains exactly what happens.

“I have a rule every time we go to the store, the kids gotta keep their hands on the cart, because as long as I can see the hands, I know that I’m safe,” she says.

When they were in the frozen food aisle looking for chicken nuggets, Arbogast was distracted tried to locate her kids favorite nuggets, the ones shaped like dinosaurs. It was in that moment, they executed their plan.

“My youngest daughter put two hands on the cart to trick me so that her older sister can go get a baby brother. I didn’t even realize I was missing a child until another one showed up,” the frazzled mom rattles off.

Now, you’d think counting that she had one too many kids would’ve tipped her off, but it was the fact that she and her children are white and the baby that mysteriously appeared was Black. After asking where the baby came from, her daughter, who appears to be around six, explained that she “found a chocolate baby” and asked to keep him.

Thankfully, the baby’s mom had a sense of humor about the situation. When she went around the store frantically looking for her son, she found him with the little girl arguing with her confused and likely embarrassed mom. I’m sure now this mom has a six hands on the cart rule or maybe she does grocery pick-up instead, just to make sure her daughter doesn’t try to “find” another sibling.

Watch the video of how the entire thing unfolded below:


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