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Men have some strong opinions about the ’28 places’ women refuse to go to on a date

Earlier this month, a viral video posted by creator Monique Santos (@moniquelsantos09) featured a woman refusing to get out of the car when a date took her to The Cheesecake Factory.

As the video started, the gentleman exited the car and went to the passenger side to open the door. “He got me at The Cheesecake Factory y’all. I ain’t getting out of this car,” the woman said in a video that’s received over 8.1 million views. The video brought up a big discussion on social media about where you should take a woman on a first date.

Around the same time, a list of the 28 places women refuse to go on dates started circulating on social media. It’s believed that it was first created on October 15 by a man who goes by John Shaft on Facebook. According to the post, he asked the women in his life to list the places they refused to go on a first date. The list obviously wasn’t scientific but it’s pretty clear that the woman he spoke to have a real problem with going to chain restaurants on dates.

Cheesecake Factory topped the list.

What’s so wrong with having a nice night out with fried macaroni and cheese, a plate of Chicken Romano, signature cocktails, and a big hunk of red velvet cheesecake? According to this list, a whole lot.

Here’s the complete list:

Cheesecake Factory




Olive Garden

The Movies

Your House

Any Fast Food Chain

Buffalo Wild Wings


Red Lobster

A Buffet



The gym



Coffee dates

Ice cream dates

Family functions

Movie night (Netflix, Hulu, and etc.)

Somewhere that requires a long drive



Hookah Bar

A bar for just drinks

Waffle House

Sports events

A big problem with this list is that people who live in rural areas may only have a few chain restaurants and don’t have an extensive selection of places to go for a good time. So, you’ll probably be stuck going to one of the places on the list.

Many men responded to the list on Twitter with a big question: Where in the world is left to go on a date that isn’t on the list?

Where tf we supposed to go then??? The moon?😭😭

— Mate (@ThatOneMate55) October 24, 2023

Soooo, 🤔 where the F….. do they wanna go, police station, hospital, credit bureau office, bank, Red Cross, or Heaven?

— J.R (@Jarami1980) October 24, 2023

Some people think that if someone thinks they’re “too good” for The Cheesecake Factory, then maybe they aren’t someone they want to date in the first place. There’s something to be said about avoiding relationships with people who are too picky.

Fr tho, if she’s too good for this I don’t want her

— Stash (@AlxFranco_1) October 25, 2023

Others thought creating such stringent rules for someone on a date wasn’t realistic. Especially if it’s a first date and you don’t know the person. Many people aren’t able to spend a lot of time and money going out with someone they don’t even know they will like.

“Refuse to go”
Lets be real, No woman is refusing to go any of these places. They’re going then complaining about it.

— Hot Hand Sports (@hothandsports1) October 25, 2023

Imagine you don’t know the person from a

hole in the wall and the come to you and

demand $200 meals just to talk to them.

Ppl think this is dinner with Buffett

— man on a rock (@Man_on_a_rock) October 24, 2023

We pullin up to Chuck E Cheese and Dave & Busters since they want to play games.

— Khalid (@ImKowabunga) October 24, 2023

Screw that, we getting those free bread sticks

— Alex (@Alektsander) October 24, 2023

Many men also made a great point: It doesn’t matter where you go but who you’re with. Many love stories started with a walk and an ice cream cone. Many relationships that began at Michelin-rated restaurants didn’t even make it to a second date.

The first date, with my now wife of 11 yrs, consisted of going out for ice cream, going back to my house and then going to East Side Mario’s.
This is a list created by girls who just want a free fancy meal, not to get to know a guy.

— KICK-Turtizzle (@TurtizzleLive) October 25, 2023

List is bogus. My wife and I went to @Applebees on our first date back in 1992. Will celebrate 30 years of marriage next year. It’s not where you go, it’s who you’re with…

— Darrell Dapprich (@dapp6410) October 25, 2023

If you really like each other then what does it matter?

— The Rook (@TheRook2022) October 24, 2023

That’s a lie 😂 first date with my lifelong girlfriend was going to Owens Beach, eating McDonald’s, and laughing at ridiculous looking people roller blading. Sometimes, it’s the simple things that keep us happy and in good spirits. If a woman can’t vibe with that, find a new one.

— Adam Fenix (@BergmanZachary) October 24, 2023

Took my girl to the grocery store to look at the lobster tank. We’ve been together five years next January.

— Idun (@vgw_idun) October 24, 2023
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