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‘Perfect parenting’: People love this young woman’s reaction to getting her first ‘ugly’ car

In a world where older generations often criticize younger people for being entitled, a video shared by Melissa Tylor shows that there are still young people out there who appreciate everything they have.

In a video seen over 34 million times, Melissa’s daughter, Jordan, is shown running out of her job to see a car her parents gave her as a gift. Well, the car is obviously used, but for Jordan, it’s new.

In the video, Jordan doesn’t scoff at getting a used car. She embraces it, flaws and all. “It’s so ugly I love it,” she says, looking inside the vehicle. After noticing her father admitting her reaction, she smiles back at him, “It’s so ugly I love it.”

The father apologizes for the car, telling her, “I’m sorry, baby,” to which she assures him, “I love it!”


The commenters on the video complimented the family on raising a child who was genuinely grateful for her gift. “A grateful child and a dad doing his best. Totally awesome guys,” one user wrote. “I love that she knows your first car should be ugly and to make memories in! So cute,” Kaykoontz added.

Other commenters felt a pang of nostalgia for their first cars. “First cars aren’t made to last, but her memories will,” Svn02 wrote.

In a comment on a follow-up video, Melissa shared her advice for raising grateful children. “Don’t spoil them. Make sure they know they have to work for things. Lots of love and also discipline,” Melissa said.

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