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Woman gives relatable cautionary preview into what happens when you have ‘too much fun’

There are some things that you just aren’t ready for or maybe at the time you thought you were ready but have now second guessed your choices. You know, going out on a Tuesday night might seem great until you’re downing an energy drink at your morning meeting hoping the room stops spinning in time for your presentation.

But there are times that having a little too much fun turns into a more…loud and permanent reminder of how that will be the last time you have fun like that for a while. One woman decided to share her very own cautionary tale on social media of how too much fun can turn into drooling broke best friends.

“All I want to say is, before y’all think about doing anything tonight, remember, y’all enjoy y’all life,” the woman says as she’s out of breath carrying two carseats complete with two chunky adorable babies.

She goes on to explain that parenting is ghetto because she not only has to carry two carseats but she has to carry everything else that comes with leaving the house with a baby, which is a lot. A parent of an infant can’t just pick up the child and walk out the door without packing up half the house. You have to have multiple changes of clothes, bibs, burp clothes, blankets, bottles, food, pacifiers, diapers, socks, hats, and more. If you’re pumping, you also have to add in a portable pump and storage bags. It’s. A. Lot.

This new, clearly exhausted mom is hoping to spare people who aren’t quite ready for the after effects of a fun night by showing how much fun she’s currently not having.

“No offense, I love y’all,” she says while looking down at the babies. “But like, y’all I used to be free. Now look at me.”

You can watch the entire relatable video below:

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