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Misunderstanding leaves group of friends ridiculously overdressed for a simple nature tour

Getting together with friends is something that just about everyone loves to do, even if it’s just every once in a while. A lot of people plan simple things to do like a monthly game night or a group movie. But sometimes you just want to have a unique experience and do something out of the ordinary.

One group of friends decided that meant getting dressed in their favorite cocktail dresses before heading on a tour on a boat. If you’re familiar with life by a body of water then you’re aware that there are multiple types of boat tours. Everything from swamp tours looking for alligators and cranes to sunset cruises that promise sightings of dolphins as the sun goes down.

This group of friends got all gussied up to go on one of those fancy sunset tours…but confusion set in quickly.

The group didn’t realize that they somehow booked a nature boat tour which was probably not only confusing for them but for the tour operator as well. Imagine getting ready to talk about the local birds, fish and native flowers for the 7th time that day expecting a boat full of nature enthusiasts only to look up and see folks dressed in cocktail wear.

The group of friends looking a mix between embarrassed and confused has the entire internet laughing and feeling their pain after Alexandria Davis posted the mishap to TikTok. The video has over 4.4 million views and more than 632K likes but the comments were where everyone commiserated…and laughed.

“Omg SAME except we showed up in bikinis because I thought I booked a snorkeling tour,” someone writes, complete with multiple crying emojis.

“The restraint you must have had to keep from hysterically laughing,” one person comments.

“Well there is a sunset and you’re surrounded by water so it counts as a sunset cruise,” another surmises.

For some reason the looks on their faces while they’re dressed to impress is sending people over the edge with laughter while others are concerned the tour guides feelings were hurt. Though, maybe the tour guide thought they were just really excited to impress the birds. Watch the video below and you be the judge.


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