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Woman wows with a incredible country ballad version of Cher’s ‘Believe’ on ‘The Voice’

When well known songs are thrust into seemingly opposite genres, it’s a wonderful reminder of just how powerful music really is. The lyrics can suddenly take on whole new meaning, adding a level of nuance to the song not previously felt.

Take “Believe” by Cher. Though the lyrics of her iconic late 90s hit tell the story of recovering after heartbreak, the full emotional scope of that gets somewhat overshadowed when put through a euro dance-pop lens.

But what if we were to put those same lyrics into another genre…say…country? What would happen then?

Well, if country singer and “The Voice” contestant Alexa Wildish has anything to say about it, it means delivering a folksy, slow, and absolutely heartfelt performance that might have you reaching for the tissue rather than hitting the dance floor.

The 34-year-old Colorado native revealed in rehearsal that her own experience of first love inspired the cover, but wanted it to feel as though she had “written the song” herself.

The result is something stripped down and emotional raw, but still undeniably beautiful with embellished high notes and vocal runs—granting her a standing ovation and comparisons to Joni Mitchell.


Beyond Wildish’s vocal prowess, viewers on Youtube couldn’t help but applaud her impeccable storytelling ability.

“An inspired performance! Her voice is so clear and pure. She took her time with the lyrics like she was wandering along telling the story. An absolutely magical performance!”

“The things that sets Alexa apart is that she really interprets songs in a songwriting style…how she takes this rocker song and interprets the lyrics in a melancholy style that makes you believe what she is saying.”

“Wow this is one of my favourite performances on this season so far.…the storytelling, the emotions, she just cuts right through — the clarity and subtle power in her voice too; the way she switched into full chest from a more subdued voice in the beginning. amazing. Definitely replaying this.”

Of course it’s fun to watch impressive high notes and big belts. But authenticity is also powerful. It can transport us anywhere—to places both foreign and familiar. And it’s what can flawlessly transform a lively pop song into a country ballad.

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