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A dog dressed for business is breaking other dogs out of their fences to go on adventures

What on earth could be better than a dog in a collar and tie? A dog that dresses for business as he sets out to free all the dogs in the neighborhood who look like they may want to help him run a muck–that’s what. Recently Ailea, a TikTok user uploaded a video talking about a dog in her neighborhood trying to start a cult with the other dogs.

Ailea has two dogs of her own which is how she came to notice the dapper dog. But it wasn’t until she was attempting to get an explanation from the furry dog boss that she realized he had a neighborhood operation going on.

“I see that he’s wearing a tie. Very distinguished. So I’m like, cool. I’m going to go out front and I’m going to talk to this dog, have a rational conversation with this dog in a tie,” Ailea says. “Maybe find out where he lives, help him find his way home, you know that sort of thing.”

That’s when the story takes a bit of a turn. As she’s attempting to reason with the dog so she can get his address or human’s number, an angry woman stops her car to give the dog a piece of her mind. The woman yells at the dog to go home after questioning what he was doing. When Ailea asked the woman if it was her dog, she revealed the well dressed dog’s not so secret, secret.

“No, but he keeps coming to my house and opening the gate and letting my dogs out to roam the neighborhood with him,” the woman explains to Ailea. “He does this to everybody’s dog. He just lets them out and lets them roam the neighborhood with him.”

Fair warning, the neighbor’s confrontation with the dog does have adult language included but it’s not until the second video that you get the see the well-dressed canine up close.


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Ailea doesn’t have an issue with her own dogs getting out because she keeps her gate locked, other neighbors are not so lucky. But how could anyone be angry at a dog in a tie just looking for buddies to burn off some energy with? Hopefully whoever the dapper pup belongs to reminds him that he has to ask permission before going on playdates in the future.

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