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Lonely baby camel, ‘Sir Camelot’ gets his very own best friend: A baby cow

There’s something innately heartwarming about two unlikely animals becoming best friends. Whether it’s a cat and a dog (which happens fairly often) or its a duck and a hamster, people can’t get enough of these unusual animal pairings. But this particular animal pairing is almost beyond the imagination with how ridiculously cute it is.

A baby camel named Sir Camelot was rescued by Speranza Animal Rescue and he quickly found out that the other animals didn’t want to be his friend. His humans tried hard to pair him up with some of the other animals but even the horses wanted nothing to do with the camel, running away every time he came near. It clearly hurt the baby’s feelings because he would stand and scream when the other animals would run away from him.

Enter Benjamin Button, a baby cow that was just two weeks younger than Camelot. When Benjamin arrived at the animal rescue neither him or Camelot knew what to make of each other, but it only took one night before the pair was bonded.

“Ben was very shy. When we introduced them, at first they kind of looked startled, like, ‘what are you?’,” Janine Guido explains to The Dodo. “And then we put them in the barn for the night. They just kind of bonded through that gate. And then they started going out together during the day and it was just instantly like two children at play.”

The pair were instantly inseparable. They play what looks like tag with each other and have tantrums over sharing just like human siblings. Their relationship is so sweet that it’s warming the hearts of people on the internet.

“That was beautiful to watch, thank you you are a very special person doing what you do.thank you,” one person writes.

“I love this true story of true friendship. It’s beautiful to see what companionship to do to make two unlikely animals best friends,” someone says.

“Awww … I absolutely loved watching this! Kudos to you for coming up with your “crazy idea” of finding Camelot a friend! They are so cute & funny. I love how their personalities came through. I got such a chuckle over Camelot not sharing,” another commenter writes.

You can watch their adorable friendship develop below:

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