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These 3 Families Have Been Changed Forever by Storyworth

In every family, there are stories that define and bind us—tales of triumph, of laughter, and of trials overcome. But too often, these stories remain untold, tucked away in the corners of memory.

Enter Storyworth, a remarkable service that brings these narratives to light, one question at a time, week by week. It’s more than a memoir service; it’s a year-long engagement that prompts your loved ones to share pieces of their lives, transforming fleeting memories into a beautifully bound book—a keepsake that ensures your family’s legacy is preserved for generations to come.

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The Storyworth Experience: How It Works

Signing up with Storyworth is like opening a door to the past with a simple click. Subscribe, and every week, Storyworth sends a question to your chosen loved one, nudging them to share stories and thoughts—each a step towards compiling a treasure trove of family memories.

After a year of storytelling, Storyworth weaves these shared moments into a tangible treasure: a beautifully bound book, ensuring that the laughter, lessons, and life’s pivotal moments are enshrined not just in heart, but in hand.

Karla W.’s Tale: Lessons from a Mother’s Life

Karla W.’s story is stitched together with threads of wisdom from her mother, taught through the lens of a life spanning from the Great Depression to the cultural revolutions of the 60s and 70s.

Each email prompt from Storyworth was a key, unlocking the rich history of a woman who believed “pretty is as pretty does” and that there’s no task too small when it comes to easing another’s pain—lessons Karla holds dear.

Through Storyworth, her mother’s teachings on the humble acts of gardening, the comforts of quilting, and the unwavering support through life’s dark moments are now tales bound for eternity, chronicled for future generations to cherish.

Larry D.’s Humor: Learning Through Laughter

Larry D.’s submissions to Storyworth testify to the belief that life’s best lessons often come wrapped in humor. Each prompt evoked a story sprinkled with wit—a reminder of when he learned the hard way that rocking chairs are for sitting, not standing.

From the folly of swinging on merry-go-rounds to the whimsy of believing grandpa’s tall tales, Larry’s anecdotes reveal a tapestry of a life well-lived and laughed through.

His chucklesome memories, now immortalized in print, underscore the joy of play and its richness to our stories, showing us that sometimes, the best advice comes with a hearty laugh.

Angela K.’s Wisdom: The Gift of Presence

Angela K.’s Storyworth entries are a tender nudge to embrace the present. Her advice to her great-grandchildren, woven through stories collected weekly, is a profound yet simple truth: be fully there for the ones you love.

In today’s fast-paced world, her reflections on missed laughs and conversations with her husband are a heartfelt reminder. They echo a universal yearning—to truly connect and live in the now.

Angela’s wisdom, captured and bound, becomes a timeless gift to her family, ensuring that her legacy of presence is felt for generations to come.

Tell Your Family’s Story

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