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Woman in disbelief after wild bird talks to her in English

Lisa Sandoval was walking near the waterfront in the small town of North Rustico on Prince Edward Island in Canada when she thought someone called out to her. “I heard someone call out to me, ‘Hello! Hello!” Sandoval told The Dodo. “I turned around and no one was there. Then I heard the voice again. ‘Hello! Hello!’ I got a little scared, then thought to myself, ‘Am I hearing things?’”

Then she realized the only living thing around her was a crow high atop its perch.

“I stopped and said, ‘Hello?’” Sandoval continued. “And to my shock, he answered me back. ‘Hello! Hello!’”

She later learned that others in town had encountered the bird. The rumor is that it was taught to speak by an older man who cared for it when it was injured as a baby. When the crow got better, the man set it free.

Months later, Sandoval came in contact with the crow again and filmed their interaction.

Talking Crow From Canada !!! Hello Hello🤔🤔🤔


Talking Crow From Canada !!! Hello Hello🤔🤔🤔

When most people think about talking birds, parrots come to mind. However, according to bird expert Patrick O’Donnell at Bordzilla, crows are highly intelligent and can also replicate human speech. “It is possible to teach a crow to say words but not actually to talk,” O’Donnell wrote at Birdzilla. “No bird can really talk with human speech, even ones with a wide vocabulary. However, crows can be taught to mimic a number of words and the process is similar to the ways in which Parrots are taught words.”

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