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Husband quickly learns he made a mistake by tossing baby’s umbilical cord

Moms can be a little weird sometimes, which really isn’t much of a secret. Something happens when you have a baby. There’s this overwhelming desire to hold onto every piece of your baby’s existence from the moment they enter the world. For some people it’s hanging on to the tiny hospital bands that adorned their little ankles or the outfit they wore home from the hospital.

But there’s a group of moms that take baby keepsakes to a different level and the group is probably much larger than people realize. Somewhere in a plastic baggie or glass jar is an umbilical cord stump that was once attached to the belly of a baby. This last physical piece of baby’s connection to mom is coveted by some and one dad didn’t realize how important it was until he threw it away.

A couple who recently welcomed a brand new baby girl uploaded a video to social media showing Kaylee Dudley’s reaction to news their baby lost her umbilical cord. Turns out Dudley wanted to keep it.

Dudley asks her husband, “where’s her belly button,” clearly confused. The new dad explains that it fell off when he was changing the baby’s diaper so he threw it away. It didn’t take long before the mom was digging in the kitchen trash trying to find the little stump to keep forever. While this reaction seemed to baffle the dad, women in the comments were shocked he would commit such an egregious sin.

“‘I threw it away’ EVERY mom just gasped,” one person writes.

“Saved them from all my babies, I had to get my youngest son’s out of the trash after the Dr pulled it off with a tissue and tossed it,” another woman says.

“I gasped at the same time she gasped when you said it was in the trash my family also saves them! Hahaha,” a commenter reveals.

But not everyone thinks this practice is normal. Some people said their mom still has theirs even though they’re adults and other’s simply don’t understand why anyone would keep such a thing.


How did I not know this was a thing? 😳😅 Backstory ::: We’ve had two great weeks with bean. I’ve learned a lot about taking care of a newborn. Before bean I had never even changed a diaper. 😂 While changing her, I noticed that her umbilical cord had fallen off in her clothing. I didn’t think this was a big deal so I finished changing her and threw it in the trash. This was a mistake. 😂 Apparently Kay had been waiting on it to fall off so that she could save it forever in a little plastic bag. I’m not sure why she wanted it so bad but she’s made it clear that it’s very important that she keeps it. Later while she was changing Ellie, she started yelling my name to come to her. She had noticed that her umbilical cord was missing and panicked. She then retrieved the umbilical cord from the trash and stored it safely in a little plastic bag. I’m so thankful that I put off taking out the trash. I hope that when bean grows up, she’s super excited to have a small dried fragment of her belly button. 😂 #kayandtayofficial #couples #relationships #pregnant #postpartum

“I have never saved any of that stuff. Not the first hair clippings, first tooth and not the cord lol. I have the kid. That’s good enough,” one mom writes.

“I’ve never heard of saving this. Like, it’s a decaying body part,” someone says.

Eh, to some a decaying body part to others it’s the last thing that connected them to their baby physically. No matter what you decide to do with the umbilical cord stump, just make sure you keep it out of reach of animals. A few commenters revealed their pets ran off with their child’s stump.

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