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Three cheers for this Dollar Tree worker who saved a mom during toddler meltdown

You’re in the store, trying to gather the last of your items and head to the checkout counter before your toddler really starts losing it. You can see the meltdown coming—maybe you forgot snacks or it’s too close to nap time or your wee one is just feeling particularly prickly for no apparent reason—but there’s not much you can do other than hope you can get out of the store before the tornado hits.

But then it hits. Your child is wailing, you’re already at the checkout, people are staring (while pretending not to stare) and you wish you could just curl up in a ball and disappear.

It’s hard to describe the stress and anxiety of trying to manage a toddler in a tantrum while also trying to get through the checkout lane, but it’s real. Most moms have been there and know the helpless feeling, which is what makes the simple act of a Dollar Tree employee all the more wonderful.

Mom and Instagram user @maremare711 shared the video showing Fatimah, a Dollar Tree clerk, holding her daughter and letting her help scan her items.

“This ANGEL at the Dollar Tree in West Orange, NJ scooped my daughter up in the midst of an UPPY meltdown,” the mom wrote. “She saw my hands were full while we were checking out and my patience was THIN.”

“There is nothing more anxiety inducing than a check out line and a screaming toddler,” she continued. “She instantly changed our moods for the better. Mare got to feel special. And I got to experience this total act of kindness.”

She also shared that that Dollar Tree location was closing and that Fatimah was hoping for a good transfer.

“I never post stuff like this but I just want this woman to have the world!” the mom concluded.

People in the comments were clear about what they thought of Fatimah’s kindness.

“People like this make the world so much easier for us moms. Motherhood can feel so lonely and isolating— everyone needs to take note of this lovely worker!! Once I had a Panera worker comfort my screaming toddler and help me walk him to the car. Literally changed the whole trajectory of our day!” shared one mom.

“Gosh, people don’t realize how much moments like this mean the absolute world to us moms out here with littles” wrote another. “When so many feel annoyed by a child’s mere existence, it’s so refreshing to see beautiful acts of kindness, understanding, and patience like this towards our babies. ❤️❤️❤️”

“Hoping this goes viral and this woman get offered a great job where her kindness is valued,” shared another commenter.

“If Dollar Tree doesn’t promote her immediately we riot,” one person quipped, to which dozens of people responded with variations of “Tell us where and when and we’ll show up.”

Dollar Tree did see the original video on Instagram and commented, “Thank you for sharing this sweet experience! Go Fatimah! Way to go above and beyond. 💚 We’ll be sure to share this with field leadership so they’re aware of the Fatimah’s hard work and amazing spirit.”

People like Fatimah truly make a difference in the world, seeing someone’s struggle and immediately taking action to try to alleviate it. Many people might want to help in a situation like this but feel awkward about it, like they might be overstepping or something, but this is a good example that when the intention is sincere and there’s something we know we can do, it’s best to at least try.

Thanks for the heartwarming boost of faith in humanity, Fatimah.

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