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Wife tries clever pregnancy reveal, but her husband is delightfully clueless

Some expecting moms cannot wait to tell their partners that a new baby is on the way. Others prefer to use more creative means to reveal the good news.

Of course, while this latter approach is fun, it could always fail spectacularly. Just ask Liz Rose Short.

As Liz shared with, she is no stranger to clever pregnancy reveals to her husband Codie. For her previous two children, she incorporated a scavenger hunt and a onesie with the announcement put on it. Each time was a success.

For the third pregnancy however…that’s a different story. And a hilarious one at that.

Liz went the more traditional route this time, playing on the phrase “bun in the oven” using a single dinner roll. She placed her yeasty messenger on the back rack and closed the door, knowing that when Codie came home, he would see the surprise, and instantly be elated.

At least, that was the plan. Liz told that soon after she placed the bun, Codie called her to remind her to make a Target run for dinner that night. Liz hopped in the car and tried to beat Codie home, but of course he got there first.

Hoping to help, Codie then preheated the oven…unaware of what would end up baking inside.

The fire alarm started going off, causing Codie to call Liz, who raced home from Target, and immediately began recording his reaction once she landed.

In the clip, posted to Liz’s TikTok, we see a frustrated Codie pulling out what looks like a charred piece of coal with tongs and trying to figure out why on earth Liz would “a single roll” in to cook. A classic comedy of errors ensues.

“It’s not a roll…it’s a bun,” Liz says, giggling.

Trying to move him along, she then asks “What did you pull out of the oven?”

“A burnt roll,” he answers, annoyed and dubious.

“No, it’s not a roll. It’s a bun.”

“OK, a burned bun,.”

“No!” she laughs. “It’s a bun…In the oven.…We have a bun … in the oven”

Still nothing. Finally Liz just gives it to him straight: “Codie, we’re having a baby.”

And boy, the complete 180 Codie does from agitated confusion to sublime elation. The throwing of the tongs and huge smile. It’s a happy ending, for sure.


@lizroseshort Replying to @addy❤ Announcing our burnt roll 🤍🤍 #submarinefamily #pregnancyannouncement #milso #miltok #pregnant #pregnancyreveal #husbandwife ♬ original sound – Liz 🌸

Liz’s video entertained a whopping 23.3 million people, with thousands commenting on her husband’s priceless, sassy reaction.

“He says ‘ok’ like a Valley girl,” one person quipped.

Another added, “‘okayyy?’ 🤨 💅 HE’S SO REAL.”

And obviously, people loved how he literally dropped everything once he realized what was going on.


There are countless ways to announce a pregnancy with a partner. But no matter how it’s delivered, if a mom decides to simply state it, or have a creative plan that backfires, the news is still the same: a new, exciting chapter awaits for both parents. That’s a precious memory no matter what.

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