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Husband’s misunderstood, completely made-up lyrics to popular classic rap song goes viral

Every person that enjoys listening to music has belted out incorrect lyrics before, either because you misheard them or you knew you had no idea what they said so you just made up words that fit. Even in today’s information age when lyrics are literally a few clicks away, people still sing the wrong words to songs. It gives it a little extra flavor. Think of it like lyric seasoning.

There was once a whole segment of people who learned that Def Leppard wasn’t singing “pour some shook up ramen” from a car cell phone commercial in 2002. Songs that people heard growing up before the invention of the internet will forever be sung with the wrong lyrics. But this guy’s completely made-up hilarious lyrics probably take the crown for most creative lyric swap.

Jay, who shares the TikTok account @yourstrulyaj with his wife, was filmed rapping his heart out to Bones Thugs-N-Harmony’s “Tha Crossroads.” He knew every word that shot out of the speaker at warp speed…or at least it looked like he did.

His wife, who was recording, stopped the music and asked, “What does he say?” That’s when the truth came out. Jay said, “I don’t know, I just be making stuff up.” But his lip syncing was so convincing, it looked as if he was singing the lyrics word for word. So if he wasn’t singing the correct lyrics, what the heck was he saying?

When she asked what he was saying while the song was playing, his answers left commenters in stitches.

“Hippopotamus. Group of guys gottemus.”

His wife can be heard wheezing with laughter at his confession, but he’s undeterred and continues singing, “What we gonna do when there ain’t nowhere to hide.” Commenters find his lyrics just as amusing as his wife does, including singer-songwriter, Muni Long who asked, “How you get Hippopotamus, Jay?”


“I been listening to this for 30 years and still don’t know the lyrics. His are good as any,” one person laughs.

“Don’t matter what he said…his lip sync game was on point…didn’t miss a beat,” someone writes.

“Let’s be honest when you actually see the lyrics to this epic song it’s even hard to keep up with the real words. Bone thus on another level,” someone admits.

It’s true, that members of that group, especially Bizzy Bone, known for his rapid fire lyrics, rap at a speed even other professional rappers would be challenged to keep up with. Jay gets a pass on not knowing the words, and his wife should get him a gold sticker for most creative lyrical styling.

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