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Comedian cleverly tricks an online troll into coming to his show and exposes him live

“Comedians Giving Lectures” is a UK show that features funny people competing against each other to see who can give the best TED-style talk. One of the most memorable was by 32-year-old comedian Rhys James, who lectured about online stalking and his speech ended with a twist. He outed a surprised audience member as one of his online trolls.

The lecture opens with a bit on how just about everyone does a bit of social media stalking, whether it’s old-school friends or former love interests. But then he asks the big question: When do we know we’ve gone too far? Is it scrolling through hundreds of posts on someone’s page or accidentally liking a photo someone posted years ago?

Rhys then admitted that he stalks just like everyone else but prefers strangers.

“You may not want to be stalked, but you shouldn’t feel guilty for stalking. We all do it. You know what matters is who you stalk,” Rhys said in his lecture. I’m sure everyone in this room at some point has stalked an ex and their new partner at some point. Maybe a colleague. Maybe an old-school friend, but that’s not the title of this lecture. I stalk strangers online. Strangers, people I’ve never even met.”

As a comedian, Rhys has a different relationship with strangers than most. He has to deal with their opinions constantly on social media. So, why not give them a taste of their own medicine?

At the end of his lecture, Rhys points out an audience member and lets them know that they are the victim of his most recent foray into stalking. The great part is how the troll slowly realizes they’re the reason for the entire lecture.

At about 4 minutes into the clip, he singles out “Dean” in the audience, who at first nods with surprise. He then takes it a step further, pointing out where Dean went to school and even his home address. You know, the kinds of things an online stalker seeks out. Dean nods with an uncomfortable smile before Rhys deadpans, “I know who you fu**ing are, mate.”

At that point, Dean literally covers his mouth in shock but still has a laugh along with the audience at his own expense.

Rhys then goes on to highlight a mean tweet Dean once sent in his direction back in 2016. “You bully, Dean!” Rhys says jokingly. It was clearly all done in good fun and even Dean is clapping by the end. But Rhys did a great job of using his elaborate set up to bring attention to the real issue of online stalking and bullying. It’s a master stroke that every parent should think about showing to their kids and more than a few adults themselves should take a look at.

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