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Watch how this man’s needy pet iguana acts exactly like a dog

When looking for an affectionate, loving pet, people generally steer towards cats and dogs. Reptiles, often seen as non-sentient and emotionless, are typically reserved for those opting for something more exotic.

But after meeting Rocket, the iguana who demands constant attention, loves cuddles and even walks with a leash, you might consider lizards the next golden retrievers.

As Lee, Rocket’s owner shared with The Dodo, this iguana “thinks he’s a dog.” Rocket follows Lee everywhere, and on more than one occasion has inserted himself into dad’s shower or workout session.

He also has a voracious appetite with zero patience, and will eagerly, but clumsily, climb up the fridge to sneak a snack when he thinks his owner isn’t watching. That usually ends with a giant mess.

Rocket is so dog-like that when he goes out for his routine walks (yes, you read that right) people at first mistake him for one.

But perhaps what’s even more amazing is that Lee enjoys spoiling him that same way you or I might a puppy. He told The Dodo, “I try to be everything an iguana would look for in an owner,” including providing a large 7×6 foot enclosure, humidity and a UVB ray replica.

Watch their relationship in action below:

Isn’t Rocket just the sweetest little miniature dinosaur ever?

Though clearly iguanas are not suitable pets for everyone—certainly not kids or anyone who can’t devote a high level of care—they are not nearly as cold blooded as their reputation makes them out to be. As Lee, and several folks in the comments can attest.

“I had an iguana for 18 years and he was just like this. Followed me everywhere and we had just an amazing bond. He passed away sleeping on me right over my heart a few years ago. This man is a great iguana Dad. So wonderful to see,” one person wrote.

We might not have what it takes to be as great of an iguana parent as Lee, but at least we can follow Rocket’s antics on Instagram, TikTok and Youtube.

There you’ll discover that Rocket has a new iguana sibling now—Astro! Will there be jealousy over dad’s affection? Guess we’ll have to stay tuned.

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