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Fans are applauding Niecy Nash for thanking herself during viral Emmy win speech

We all have come to expect awards show acceptance speeches to be filled with heartfelt thanks to others—industry peers, family, spouses, a higher power…and in Jennifer Coolidge’s case, “all the evil gays,” (but that’s another story).

But as Neicy Nash took to the stage to accept her award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie at the Emmys last night, she did something a little different.

She thanked herself.

She thanked herself.

Granted, Nash, who won the award for her performance as Glenda Cleveland in Netflix’s “Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story,” did thank a higher power, along with showrunner Ryan Murphy, her Dahmer co-star Evan Peters, Netflix, those who voted for her and “her better half,” Jessica Betts.

But what people are really remembering is what she said next:

“And you know who I wanna thank?” Nash asked. “I wanna thank me. For believing in me, and doing what they said I could not do. And I wanna say to myself in front of all you beautiful people: go on, girl, with your bad self. You did that.”

As the audience erupted in applause, Nash took a moment to honor victims of police violence, saying, “I accept this award on behalf of every Black and brown woman who has gone unheard yet over-policed,” she said. “Like Glenda Cleveland. Like Sandra Bland. Like Breonna Taylor,” adding that her it’s her job as an artist “to speak truth to power.”

“And, baby, I’m going to do it ’til the day I die,” Nash concluded, before exclaiming, “Momma, I won!” to her mother in the audience.

It wasn’t long before thousands on social media began hailing the viral moment as an “instant classic,” and praising Nash for, as one person on X put it, “giving a masterclass on how to make the most out of an #Emmys acceptance speech.”

niecy nash to niecy nash: “you did that”

— zoë (@zoe_alliyah) January 16, 2024

When life is life-ing a little too hard & that little voice in your head tries to convince you you’re a loser…

Remember to channel your inner Niecy Nash and tell that voice:


— Shanelle Genai✨ (@shanellegenai) January 16, 2024

As the beautiful and incomparable @NiecyNash reminds us, always – in all ways – bet on yourself! And forever speak truth to power✌🏽

— BlackGirlsUnscripted (@BGUnscripted) January 16, 2024

What’s more, the viral moment grew to be a masterclass in healthy self esteem.

Talking to reporters in a follow-up interview, Nash explained why she felt the need to credit herself, saying “Sometimes you have to encourage what? Yourself.”

Niecy Nash-Betts on why she thanked herself during her Emmy’s speech win 👏🏽

— Liz Calvario (@lizcalvario) January 16, 2024

“And that’s why it’s not called mama-esteem, them-esteem, us-esteem, it’s called self esteem because don’t nobody got to believe it, but you,” she continued.

Ultimately, Nash hopes her iconic speech becomes a “delicious invitation” for people to believe in themselves.

And that right there is a beautiful takeaway for everyone. We might not all be striving for the life of an award-winning actor, but nearly all of us could be a bit better about hyping ourselves up. May we all have the audacity today to tell ourselves, “you did that.” Whatever it is.

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