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Man takes son for father-son dates to the nail salon and it’s the sweetest relationship

Spending time bonding with your kids can be really special for both parent and child. It can mean even more to the parent if they didn’t have the best example of a parent growing up. Some parents may even find it healing to their inner child to be the kind of parent they wished they had like dad, De’Brence McClain.

McClain has gone viral several times on Instagram for his posts taking his 4-year-old son on father-son dates to places outside of the typical male identified activities. They do all sorts of things together, from going to McDonald’s to going to buy themselves flowers just because. But they recently went viral for going to the nail salon to get manis and pedis.

Sure, lots of boys go to grab fast food with their dads, but it’s the salon visits and other activities that people associate with “girl things,” that get people’s attention.

“I grew up just not having my father in my life like 100% of the time, so I just wanted to be a part of my son’s life. I just felt like it’s something that I could do,” McClain tells Good Morning America in a recent interview.

Showing parents that there’s another way to parent boys, breaking the binary thinking mold has sparked conversation in his comments.

“This is so awesome to see a father modelling [sic] healthy masculinity that includes good self-care routines, including feet and nail care!!! Too many older men have such nasty feet and nails because they were taught that good hygiene for some areas isn’t masculine!! Keep Teaching, Dad,” someone tells McClain.

“Gosh this is Truly Absolutely Beautiful 4 Sure cause Giving your Son Different Experiences is Gonna Enrich His Life Immensely n so here’s to Being a Great Dad,” another person writes completing the sentence with a crown.

“Thank you—so healing to see nurturing masculinity! What a good dad and good man you are,” a commenter gushes.

“Men dismantling toxic masculinity with their sons and building trust, understanding, kindness… I love this for them,” someone proclaims.

Who needs toxic masculinity when the magical massage chairs at nail salons work the same when men sit in them, too? These are definitely core memories that will help his son not only be more willing to try new things but know how to practice self care.

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