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Man has a ‘word of advice’ for all the dads mad about Taylor Swift being at NFL games

Since Taylor Swift and Kansas City Chief player Travis Kelce began dating, the pop star has become a football staple.

You’d be hard pressed to go online and not see some kind of chatter about her game appearances—from the jewelry she’s wearing to the faces she makes to what she might be saying to friends during the match…it’s all the topic of conversation.

But not everyone seems to be pleased with Taylor’s version of the game. Specifically, “annoyed” men who seem to feel her very presence has ruined football as a “sanctuary from femininity.” Or the “dads, Brads and Chads” of the world, as Swift likes to call them.

Well, one man has a “word of advice” for all the dads out there threatened by the NFL’s Swift Era, especially girl dads: embrace it.

“A word of advice for all the dads out there, especially all the girl dads, the dads of teenage girls,” John R. says in a now-viral video. “This whole thing with Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift. You need to embrace it. You really do. Stop fighting it. Stop being a jerk about it. Stop saying that she’s a distraction. All of that. Embrace it.”

For John, the reason behind this thinking is simple. “It’s gonna be good for your relationship with your daughter.”

That was certainly the case for him. John shared how his own teenage daughters suddenly took an interest in the game after Swift got involved, which created more opportunities for bonding.

“This past Monday, I went to a playoff game in single-degree weather, sitting on a pile of snow with our feet in ice. Our toes were red when we left, but I had the time of my life with my teenage daughter at a football game,” he said. And he even had the happy photos to prove it.

“Do you think that happens without Taylor Swift? You need to embrace it. Do it.”

@curmudge_john2.0 #greenscreen ♬ original sound – John R (Taylor’s Version)

“My wife and daughter have watched more Chief games with me this year than all other years combined. Been married 16 years and my kid is 11,” one wrote

Another echoed, “My 20/17 yr old daughters now actively watch the games with me and ask questions. I’ll walk into traffic for Tayvis!!!”

A few even commented on how this was a chance for dads to show their daughters a world in which their own interests are respected.

“I’m so happy it’s made something that dads and their girls can enjoy together. Dads show their daughters how they should be treated. It’s important,” one person said.

Granted, not every man getting mad about the Swift/NFL phenomenon is a dad, and therefore might be unaffected by John and many others opinions. But on a certain level we can probably all agree that when people who are important to us suddenly take a genuine interest in our own passions…it’s a wonderful feeling.

As John so eloquently put it in a follow-up video, “I now have this thing that I love that I can share with the person I love more than anybody else on this planet. And it’s amazing. It’s one of the coolest things in the world.”

Yep, it doesn’t get much simpler than that.

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