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Mom learns hack for getting seasoning bottles to unclog and it’s blowing people’s minds

When we become adults with or without children we often realize that there were some things that get left out when our parents were teaching us how to adult. Sometimes it’s because our parents were never taught while other times it’s because they didn’t get around to it. Either way adults end up calling their parents, looking it up or stumbling across it by accident while scrolling social media.

One mom, Cara, who runs the Instagram account Chaos with Cara, did just that and she took to her own social media page to share her discovery so others wouldn’t struggle. Cara experienced what many people experience when using spices from a bottle over a hot stove–the clog. All the spices settle at the top and clog the holes so nothing comes out. A lot of folks just shake harder or turn the bottle back to its bottom and try again experiencing the frustrating clog once more.

Cara learned via scrolling on TikTok that if you take that clogged bottle and just twist the plastic piece on top, the spices evenly come out of the holes. No vigorous shaking needed, just a quick twist and you’ve got seasoned food. People in the comments were equally impressed with this new discovery.

“I consider myself an intelligent, educated, corporate professional. Not in any of my 40+ years on this planet did this occur to me for a single second. FML,” one person writes.

“You mean to tell me we been shaking like that for years hurting our arms and we could have doing that. MIND BLOWN,” another person says.

“Are you kidding me?!!!!! And I’m literally seeing this seconds after I just seasoned my chicken the old way thanks for sharing! Had no clue,” someone else questions.

“So that’s why it’s always so twisty, I just thought it was cheap packaging,” one person admits.

Turns out it’s not cheap packaging at all, just smart packaging, though a couple commenters warned that when they first tried this trick they ended up with a pot full of oregano. So twist carefully.

Check out her discovery below:

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