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Funny ‘investigation’ explains why LinkedIn is a ‘sea of cringe’

When it comes to getting a job, we live in frustrating times. On one hand, unemployment is near historic lows, so one would think that it’s easier to get a job. However, according to a study on LinkedIn, there is now an average of 1 job open to every 2 applicants. Whereas a year ago there was a job for every person looking.

To make things even more frustrating, the time it takes to hire a new employee is the longest in history, 44 days. The big reason is that potential employees are now subject to a longer interview process where they may speak with multiple people before the final decision.

So, if you’re looking for a job and feel frustrated, you are not alone.

A lot of people are finding opportunities through LinkedIn. Deep Sardar has a great blog on how to use the platform to find a new gig and he covers everything from taking a decent headshot to writing a killer “About” section.

But one thing Sardar doesn’t cover is how to deal with some of LinkedIn’s cringe-worthy aspects, from the constant bragging to the self-important diatribes disguised as “thought leadership” to the surprising amount of TMI you’ll see on the platform.

Good Work created a funny video where an “investigative reporter” talks to people about why LinkedIn is “so weird.” In the video, the reporter recounts some of the most uncomfortable LinkedIn posts you’ve ever seen and talks to experts about why every post sounds like “Tony Robbins notes app.”

If you’ve been on the job hunt and could use a good laugh, check this out.

Why is LinkedIn so weird?

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