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‘SNL’ perfectly sends up the Stanley cup craze in the funny ‘Big Dumb Cup’ sketch

A year ago, “Saturday Night Live” poked fun at an obnoxiously large western hat trend made popular by Instagram influencers with a sketch called “Big Dumb Hat” starring Amy Schumer, Heidi Gardner and Chloe Fineman.

On January 27, Fineman and Gardner were back, this time with actor Dakota Johnson, poking fun at the next Big Dumb trend that’s popular with influencers and their followers, Stanley cups. Boosted by their popularity on TikTok, the $45 Stanley Quencher cup recently created a consumer frenzy with grown adults stampeding shopping displays in Targets across the U.S. to buy one.

The sketch opens with the 3 women, dressed in their Big Dumb hats, stating the requirements for owning a Stanley Quencher: driving to Target every day in a big car, being between the ages of 12 and 70 and being “physically or at least spiritually” blond.

Big Dumb Cups – SNL

Throughout the sketch, the women crack jokes about the cup’s unique properties while Johnson’s gets progressively bigger. “Mm! You can really taste the bacteria!” Fineman said, while Gardner added, “I’m getting lead.”

“If your car explodes, you won’t survive. But your Big Dumb cup will, Fineman said. “If I’m not sipping, I’m peeing,” Gardner added.

The sketch was a highlight in an episode that was criticized by some for allowing musical guest and frequent ‘SNL’ host Justin Timberlake upstage Johnson during the monologue. Timberlake would later reprise his role as Andy Gibb alongside Barry Gibb (Jimmy Fallon) in “The Barry Gibb Show.” The show was also notable because Dave Chappelle was announced at the end-of-show stage call, but didn’t appear in the episode.

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