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Man challenges ‘new neighbor’ to a Nerf gun war, and their battles are so wholesome

Moving into a new neighborhood or a new building can be daunting. Getting used to a new space, meeting new people, growing accustomed to the vibe or culture of the neighborhood—it can feel like a lot, especially if people don’t reach out in a welcoming way.

But as a viral video on Reddit/MadeMeSmile shows, sometimes a warm welcome could actually be a war welcome…with Nerf guns, that is.

In footage from a Ring camera on the front door of an apartment, we see a man in the hallway holding a Nerf gun. He says, “I notice you just moved in. The guy that used to live here, him and I were big into Nerf.”

He then holds up the Nerf gun, saying, “I’m gonna leave it. Don’t feel any pressure, but if you want to, hey.” Then he laughs as he sets the gun down in front of the door.

After that, we see the across-the-hall neighbors engaging in ambush, trickery, deceit, semi-breaking-and-entering—with the help of “Jack,” whoever that is—and all manner of silly antics in their battles to shoot one another first.

It’s adorable, delightful and a great example of how someone might reach out to a new neighbor in a creative way and see what happens. Watch:

byu/ihavestandardsman inMadeMeSmile

As some folks in the comments clarified, these videos were acted out by two guys who are already friends and who pretend to meet in all sorts of unique ways. But the idea of introducing yourself to a new neighbor this way is a solid one, regardless.

People loved seeing the battles raging in the hallway.

“‘Jack let me in’ was my favorite part. Props to Jack, whoever he is,” wrote one commenter.

“For a second he thought that things went too far. How the hell you get in my apartment you stalker!!!

Oh Jack let you in. Not fair,” wrote another.

“Turncoat! I’d be sleeping with that nerf gun close to my chest,” shared another. “Honestly though my favorite was ‘did you really think that was gonna work?’…. ‘Maybe.'”

Let’s use this entertaining video as inspiration to go out and meet our own neighbors if we haven’t already…and maybe take a Nerf gun with us, just in case.

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