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Golden retriever turns ‘evil’ over stolen Hot Cheetos in unbelievable video

When people think of golden retrievers they generally visualize a very happy, friendly dog. Most golden retrievers you encounter are just excited to be around people but apparently, they can get upset when you try to take away their Hot Cheetos. At least that’s what one owner discovered when her dog got ahold of a snack sized bag of the spicy snack.

Josie who runs the TikTok account josie_kamdan uploaded a video of her dog Ben holding a bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos that he’s refusing to give up. The woman is shocked by the dog’s mean mug and growl, but Ben is serious about eating the rest of his snack that he stole fair and square.

“Give me them, give me your Hot Cheetos. You cannot eat them. You cannot eat them,” she repeats before laughing and deciding it’s best to let him keep them.

People in the comments were also shocked to see a golden retriever show any emotion besides happy.

“This is making me realize I’ve never seen a golden retriever mad,” someone writes.

“I’ve never seen a golden retriever growl,” another says.

Other people had ideas on why the pooch may have been acting out of sorts–red dye. The super sneaky behavior modifier that can cause a happy-go-lucky golden retriever to turn into the devil. At least that’s what some are saying, while others had a much more practical answer.

“Red dye does it again,” a commenter laughs.

“That red 40 got him tweaking,” someone jokes.

“Resource guarding. My Aussie did that with my frappuccino,” someone writes as others back up her statement.


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The behavior of resource guarding has different causes but one of the typical reasons a dog resource guards is due to anxiety according to the Humane Society. In a follow up video she addressed the comments about resource guarding and explained that he’s never behaved like that before which caused her nervous laughter. No worries, she was able to get the Cheetos away from him with distraction and he spent zero days in doggy jail.

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