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The secret but definitive reason dark towels might be ‘superior’ to white towels

Those soft, fluffy white hotel towels might seem irresistible—so irresistible that we slip a couple into our suitcase from time to time. But when it comes to getting the most bang for your buck, darker hues might be the way to go.

At this point, you might be expecting the more obvious reason: stains. White towels certainly show signs of dirt easier than their colorful counterparts. Everyone knows that.

But actually, according to a quick and informative video posted by product researcher “The Shopping Expert,” dark towels are also “technically superior” for another reason.

As the Shopping Expert explains, towels are manufactured with softeners and a silicone finish before hitting the shelves at stores to make them “feel fluffier and lusher.”

This coating might make you more compelled to make a purchase, but it also affects the towel’s only job—drying you off—since it reduces the towel’s absorbency. This is also why it is recommended to avoid using fabric softeners on towels or any fabric meant to absorb liquid.

Darker and bolder colored towels, however, are less affected by these softeners due to their dye, and therefore what you feel in the store is much closer to what you’re going to feel after a few washes.

However, that might not be enough to make dark towels truly superior, at least according to other sources.

Some argue that white towels are neutral enough to withstand any changes in bathroom color scheme, and aren’t going to lose their luster due to fading.

Others point out that white might be the more hygienic choice if bleach is used to wash them, plus it’s hard to go too long without washing white towels, because, again, the dirt is easy to spot.

Others still swear that textured towels are the way to go, noting that they instantly add some pizazz and show less wear over time.

In the end, we might not be able to unanimously get on board with team dark towels. Seems to be more of a personal preference situation. But we can all agree that when it comes to actually getting dry when you hop out of the shower, rough beats soft, hands down.

And one viewer quipped, “the closer to sandpaper the better!”

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