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Doberman’s blissful reaction while getting pampered at bathtime goes viral

Let’s face it, Hollywood has given Doberman’s a bad reputation. So often they are depicted as the canine henchman to the evil villain, that many people assume that’s their temperament in real life.

But the truth is: like just about every dog on the planet, Dobermans are sweet, loyal and affectionate canine companions. And, much like Pit Bulls, they are not nearly as inherently aggressive as pop culture makes them out to be—especially when properly trained.

I mean, just take a look at Atlas. This goodest of good bois recently went viral on TikTok while getting a nice, relaxing bathtime session. He proved that not only are Doberman’s capable of extreme levels of chill, they can have a deep felt appreciation for some good old fashioned pampering.

The clip, which was posted by @thegoodhype, a sibling group that rescues and fosters kill-list dogs, shows Atlas getting the star treatment, and loving every second of it.

Though many dogs flee at the mere mention of a b-a-t-h, Atlas is on doggie Cloud 9 as he’s sprayed, scrubbed, lathered, and massaged. He even got a rose quartz roller treatment and coconut oil teeth brushing before settling into a nap. Hope he leaves a good Yelp review!

Watch below. Be sure to have the sound on for some top notch pup-ified ASMR.

@thegoodhype Do you think Atlas enjoyed it? 🧼🐾💙#doberman #dogsoftiktok #dogbath #doggrooming #asmr ♬ original sound – Goodlin Siblings

@thegoodhype joked that this was all part of her “scary foster dog’s bath routine,” implying that she posted the sweet video as a bit of counter-programming. Cause there is certainly nothing scary about Atlas.

And the really cool part is: the video actually did change some perceptions. One viewer wrote, “idk why but I’ve always been scared of Doberman dogs. But this really helps. Thanks for posting!”

Another added, “Never seen a Doberman in real life but I am convinced they’re just like this when they’re not trained to be security dogs.”

Others simply marveled at Atlas’s next-level beauty regime.

“This dog has better skincare than me. Lol,” one person wrote.

And while it’s rare for a dog to love baths as much as Atlas does, there are things you can do to make the process more enjoyable for everyone involved.

One website suggests opting for indoor baths for a sense of familiarity, and giving the tub something to make it less slippery. It also recommends giving your bathing pup a toy or puzzle to distract them from their anxiety. Plus, you can follow in @thegoodhype’s footsteps by using a handheld shower head to avoid spraying on your dog’s face. Plus, stick to lukewarm water temperature.

The key to bath time success, at least according to multiple online resources, is doing your best to make bathtime a fun treat, rather than a punishment. Which is clearly what this foster dog mom did.

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