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Dad prevents morning meltdowns with adorable nightly outfit presentations to his daughter

Preschool power struggles aren’t fun for anyone involved. But the morning meltdown over clothes is its own circle of parenting hell.

Between dealing with every fabric under the sun triggering sensory issues to having to explain for the millionth time that, no, a tutu, a princess crown and a Supergirl cape does not constitute as an outfit to never, ever ever ever finding matching socks…it’s a miracle that every parent doesn’t just let their kids run around naked.

But one dad has successfully thwarted outfit anxiety with his nightly presentation of outfit options for his five-year-old to choose from for the following day.

Is it adorable? Absolutely. But more importantly, it’s effective.

In a clip posted to TikTok Cindy Camponovo, we see her husband playing personal stylist to their young daughter, laying out the details of each look.

There’s “pink and flower power girl” with matching Nikes, “Polo prep with matching navy loafers,” “a beautiful pearl option with Barbie,” and last but not least, a “cool kid on the block with skinny jeans, BAPE sweater and matching red shoes.”

“It’s the fact she has him presenting like it’s shark tank 🦈✨,” one person joked.

The pretend client perused through her curated ensembles before selecting “pink and flower power girl.” They then shake on it, thus sealing the deal.

“And you’re going to lock it in? So no arguing in the morning guys?” Camponovo asks.

“No, no arguing tomorrow morning. Okay. This is recorded for quality assurance, okay?” her husband quips. Seems like all crises are averted.

@cindycamponovo What my husband does every night because their morning tears & arguments about school outfits scarred him #pickingoutfits #preschool #girldad #outfitideas #fypシ ♬ Cena Engraçada e Inusitada de 3 Minutos – HarmonicoHCO

Over 1.2 million people have seen Camponovo’s video, and countless viewers left comments in praise of her husband. For his creativity, his sense of style and for being a great girl dad.

“Wait he chose really cute outfits!!” one person wrote.

“She looked like she relishes the attention. She is loved and adored,” another wrote.

Another added, “Holy heck talk about doing it right mom and dad.”

And of course, nearly everyone was wondering if Camponovo’s husband was taking on other styling clients. He’s clearly got a knack for it.

While clothing tantrums are aggravating, they are completely normal. According to psychologist Dr. Jim Taylor, clothing is often a child’s “first declaration of independence and first assertion of their own unique personalities.”

But the good news is: there are ways to help avoid the drama. If playing personal stylist doesn’t appeal to you, suggested the following:

-Taking a photo of your child’s favorite outfits and creating an album for you to peruse together for choices. This

-Investing in an efficient organizing system like a days-of-the-week organizer, which can allow you to choose outfits a week ahead of time.

-Creating a reward system for when kids get dressed quickly and without a tantrum. Who doesn’t love rewards?

-Putting your own favorite clothes on top of the dresser, so they’re easier for your little ones to spot.

-Creating a “menu” of ideas,” which gives leeway for kids to be a part of the decision making process.

…honestly, these are good ideas both for parents with choosy kids, and for grown adults with too many clothes. (i.e., me.)

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