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Woman details groom-to-be’s behavior at bachelor party and it has people swooning

The stereotypical image we get of bachelor parties is a booze-filled evening of depravity and bad choices. Followed of course by a massive hangover…and some regrets.

And granted, there are plenty of viral videos to show that this is sometimes the case. But there are also plenty of grooms who don’t see it as their “last night as a free man.” On the contrary, they see it as an opportunity to simply celebrate the next chapter with close friends.

Case and point: a husband-to-be named Luke, who apparently couldn’t stop “gushing” about his bride, Sam. This, according to a woman also named Sam, who happened to be at the bar Luke was having his bachelor party at.

In Sam’s now-viral TikTok video, she recounts how she had been at a bar in South Carolina over the weekend, where she met Luke and his friends. The way he could not contain his love for his wife compelled Sam to let this woman know how lucky she is.

“If your name is Sam and your fiancé’s name is Luke, and he is currently in Charleston, South Carolina for his bachelor party and he was at a bar on King Street called Uptown Social tonight on Friday, March 22nd, I just want you to know that that man loves you so much,” she said.

“He could not stop gushing about you and how you are the love of his life and the most beautiful person he has ever met, and how he’s the luckiest man in the entire world. He loves you so much, and I wish you two all the happiness in the world.”

Lastly, Sam shared the selfie taken with Luke and her friends—a request made by Luke that night—before giving an enthusiastic congratulations to the couple.

@sb.reads we stan sam and luke #charleston #charlestonsc #bridetok #weddingtok #greenscreen ♬ original sound – sam

Nearly 12 million people have seen this story so far, and many were surprised that it ended up being so wholesome.

“At the beginning of this video I was like, ‘OMG not another one!’ But thank God I stayed and this turned out to be a great one! So Refreshing! Wishing Sam and Luke and the absolute best!” one person wrote.

Another added, “ The plot twist we DIDN’T expect! This makes us all smile.”

And because TikTok is TikTok, the video nearly immediately made its way to other Sam, the bride. And she made a follow-up video every bit as sweet as the original.

“If you saw that TikTok, I’m Sam. Luke’s on his bachelor party right now and that was literally the best thing to wake up to,” she said, adding “I haven’t stopped smiling since my friend sent it to me when I woke up. He’s the best, I’m very lucky.”

@sambrooksphotos Hey im that sam #samandluke #sam #luke #charleston #weddingtiktok #weddingphotographer #marthasvineyardweddingphotographer #marthasvineyard #marthasvineyardweddkng @sam ♬ original sound – Sam Brooks Photos

Sounds like Sam got a good one. Find yourself someone who can’t stop gushing about you…even to random strangers.

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