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Cruise ship lawyer shares the one ‘secret’ code word you never want to hear on a ship

Going on a cruise can be an incredible getaway from the stresses of life on the mainland. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t an element of danger when living on a ship 200-plus feet high, traveling up to 35 miles per hour and subject to the whims of the sea.

An average of about 19 people go overboard every year, and only around 28% survive. Cruise ship lawyer Spencer Aronfeld explained the phenomenon in a viral TikTok video, in which he also revealed the secret code the crew uses when tragedy happens.

“Here’s a secret most cruise lines don’t want you to know,” Aronfeld begins his video. “About 1 to 2 passengers a month are reported as missing or, man overboard, major cruise lines.” He adds that even though ships have radar systems that can detect when something has fallen off the boat there are a lot of false alarms caused by garbage, luggage and even deckchairs that people have thrown off the ship.


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Further, after someone goes over the rail, the ship continues to move, so it is nearly impossible to find the overboard passenger who is probably seriously injured from the fall. “The truth is that by the time a passenger is reported missing and has gone overboard, there is likely no chance that passenger will survive and no chance that the ship will ever find them,” Aronfeld says.

Aronfeld concluded the video by sharing the secret code that cruise lines use when someone has gone overboard. “Code Oscar. Code Oscar. That’s how you know that a passenger has been reported as having gone overboard,” Aronfeld said.

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