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People can’t get enough of adorable 4-year-old playing all parts of ‘Madea’ skit

It’s always amazing to see kids develop their talents through play. A lot of times kids move on quickly from one interest to another continuing to explore their interests while having fun. But every once in a while, parents discover not only a new talent that is suddenly unlocked, but one that they continue to be interested in beyond a fun few weeks.

One preschooler is taking the internet by storm with his incredible acting skills. Jordan Sunshine, who’s only 4-years-old has racked up nearly 100K followers with the skits he does. In a recently uploaded video, Jordan pantomimed a skit from “Madea’s Family Reunion, playing all the characters complete with outfit changes.

The video starts off as Jordan dressed as Nikki, who was played by a young KeKe Palmer in the film. Then comes Madea, also played by Jordan and Uncle Joe, sporting a white mustache with matching white hair.

The little boy’s facial expressions and perfect lip-syncing to the audio makes for an entertaining few minutes. Commenters cannot get enough of the talent this kid displays at such a young age. With Jordan being so young with a longer Afro, commenters confuse him for a girl, but his mom assures people that he’s a boy in a reply.

“This is amazing.. I can’t remember nothing and she got down,” someone writes.

“These children are great with their acting skills,” another says.

“This kid is phenomenally talented, mummy don’t waste that talent please and thanks,” one person advises.

“This little baby’s pantomiming skills are better than some professionals,” someone praises.

Jordan definitely has an immense amount of talent for someone so little. The best part is that he’s having fun while he’s doing it. Watch the him put his talent on display below.

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