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Flight attendant reveals the two surefire ways to get a first-class upgrade

How are some people able to upgrade from economy to first class on a commercial air flight? A flight attendant who goes by the name of Cierra Mistt on TikTok recently shared the secrets in a viral video.

According to the Salt Lake City-based flight attendant, there are two ways to get into first class for free. One tactic is for overbooked flights, and the other is for flights with a lot of empty seats.

1. Not-full flight: Sit in the very last row

“On flights that aren’t full, we normally have to move passengers for weight and balance purposes, and when we do that, it’s normally from back to front. If that’s the case, the flight attendants are going to move people from the very last row to the front so that they can sit down there after doing their service because it’s a lot more comfy to sit in those passenger seats than it is in the jump seat,” Misty reveals.

2. Overbooked flight: Name your price

You will know you are on an overbooked flight if the flight attendant announces they are compensating passengers to change their booking. If you’re interested, Misty advises that you don’t take their initial offer but make your own demands. She swears it works nearly every time.

“First, go to the gate agent. Second, give them a price and say that you want that in cash,” [name said]. “When the gate agent is rebooking you for that next flight, make sure that they put you in first class to compensate for the time that you’re losing because you had to get kicked from that flight. Over 99% of the time this works.”


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