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Man that shares strange animal facts on TikTok wows the internet with video of ‘freaky’ bird

Sometimes we see things that simply cannot be unseen. TikTok creator Mamadou Ndiaye who goes by the screen name mndiaye_97, has made his career out of educating people about weird animal facts that he finds fascinating. In most of his videos people walk away feeling more knowledgable on what animals to stay away from and which are actually as cuddly as they look.

But sometimes his videos makes the internet collectively gasp as they hear these untold facts. Recently, Ndiaye shared a video about the Jacana bird, who at first glance looks like an average bird with abnormally large feet. Viewers quickly realize the video is taking an hilariously uncomfortable turn when the next fact he drops involves a picture of the bird appearing to have eight sets of legs. Or maybe claws? No matter what it resembles, it’s what nightmares are made of.

One viewer called it, “Birdie Kruger,” and they’re not wrong because the facts about this bird just kept getting more disturbing.

The multiple legs seen dangling from the bird don’t actually belong to that bird. Those smaller legs belong to the babies that are somehow tightly tucked under the feathers of this creature nicknamed the “Jesus Bird” for it’s ability to walk on water. The bird holding all of those babies is actually the male Jacana bird because the female birds leave after laying eggs. Though as the video goes on, viewers quickly realize the mama bird leaving is probably the best thing she could ever do for the chicks left behind.

While Ndiaye apologized at the start of the video before traumatizing his audience, the viewers rejected his sorrows, demanding to return to a life where they didn’t know this bird existed.

“I would like to go back to the person I was 3 min ago,” someone says.

“I’m forwarding you my therapy bill this week, and I expect it paid on time,” another jokes.

“There is a world where I didn’t see this. I wanna be the one living there,” a commenter cries.

“I accept your apology for showing me the satan of birds,” someone else laughs.

Well, you’ve been thoroughly warned. Watch the video below at your own risk.


I really hope that proud family joke doesnt go under the radar #birds#nature#moreyouknow#learnontiktok

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