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Doctor shares why you should never flush the toilet with the lid open

Dr. Karan Rajan, a super popular TikTok user who creates videos about health and medical mysteries, posted a video about the dangers of flushing the toilet with the lid open and it will definitely change how many people use the restroom.

It will also make those who’ve always flushed with the lid open recoil in fear and shiver with regret. According to the doctor, every time you flush the toilet, an invisible raging sewage volcano flies out of the bowl, contaminating everything in the bathroom.

“Your puny human eyes can’t see this, but there’s a tidal wave of microscopic particles that fill the air after a flush,” Dr. Rajan says before sharing a video that appears to have been filmed with an infrared camera. The video shows that when a toilet is flushed, particles from the bowl are projected into the air at 2 meters (6.5 feet) per second.

“The same droplets can reach 15 meters (49 feet) above the toilet bowl within 8 seconds. Toilet soup goes everywhere,” Dr. Rajan says in the video.

(Note: The audio appears to have been disabled on the video.)


Shut the lid

Dr. Rajan ends the video by sharing some basic hygiene tips: “Close the lid, wash your hands, stop touching your eyes so much and maybe move your toothbrush.”

While the video may upset those who have flushed with the lid open for years, one commenter made a horrifying observation. “So flushing whilst still sitting down is a bad idea then,” Kevin Wilson wrote in the comments. “This is the first thing that I thought when I watched this,” Mr Unknown added.

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