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Georgia sorority sisters risk their life to save mom and kids trapped in sinking car

Sometimes people with the right skills just happen to end up in the right place at the right time. These are the moments we find out what reaction we would have if faced with an emergency situation. Five sorority sisters in Georgia were on their way out of town when they had a miraculous twist of fate on their detour to get lunch.

While heading off course to find something to eat, one of the girls spotted something out of the corner of her eye. Instincts kicked in when it registered what they saw. A car had lost control and veered off the road into a creek below. The girls called out to ask if they were okay and that’s when the five sorority sisters kicked into automatic action.

Cori Craft, yells to the girls that her two small children are still trapped in the car, one of them just 4-years-old, strapped into his carseat.

All five girls quickly jumped into the water, working together to force the door open. Molly McCollum, Jane McArdle, Eleanor Cart, Clarke Jones and Kaitlyn lannace, were able to get the older child out but the youngest remained strapped into the completely submerged car. Time was not on their side as the girls explain, the little boy had been under the water for four to five minutes. By the time they were able to get him out, the boy was unconscious with blue lips.

Thankfully, Jones worked as a lifeguard in high school which allowed her training to kick in. The college student put the child on the car, performing CPR until he began breathing again.

“I was a lifeguard in high school for one summer, so I just remembered it from then,” Jones tells GMA. “We had no clue if he was going to survive at all. And so I’m like, ‘This is the one thing I know how to do that I can help. And so I’m just going to give it my best try.'”

After some time in the hospital, the boys have recovered from the terrifying ordeal. As for the sorority sisters, they were awarded with a badge of honor from the Burke County Sheriff’s Department.

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