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Mom wonders if she made a mistake giving her baby an ‘adult’ name

The names parents give their children make a profound impact on their lives—for better, or for worse. And the different strategies for picking the right name—including spending upwards of thousands of dollars for professional help—is a hot topic of discussion for well intentioned moms and dads.

It wasn’t too long ago that one mom went viral for encouraging parents to give their kids “adult names” that they wouldn’t outgrow. However, another mom who tried that tactic is having some second thoughts.

In a video posted to her TikTok, Heather, known as @_heatherel_ opened up about her mixed feelings since naming her son Reed four months ago.

“Since the beginning, I’m not convinced I like his name … even though I like his name,” she says, laughing at herself.

Heather goes on to say that she intended to give her son an “adult name,” but is still “having a hard time connecting it to him because he’s a little squishy baby,” leaving her unsure as to whether or not she actually likes the name at all.

The experience left Heather wondering if any other moms who gave their kids, particularly their sons, more “traditional adult” names felt the same sort of ambivalence.

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While she did get a few who commiserated with her situation, Heather mostly received a whole lotta advice and encouragement.

“I have a Thomas, Henry, Levi and Woody. They all took some time for me to connect their name with them! But they all fit now!” one mom commented.

Undoubtedly the main tip was to incorporate a squishy baby-friendly nickname.

“My grandson is a Reed. I LOVE his name. When he was a baby I would call him Reeder, Reedster, Reedman…Just playing with him,” one person wrote.

“I named my son Reid and I love his name! He’s a young adult now, but when he was a squishy baby we just nicknamed him,” another added. “Sometimes we called him Reido, sometimes we called him Reidie.”

Another mom chimed in to reiterate that changing a name is perfectly okay.

“My son was supposed to be Daniel. It just did not fit him at all. We changed his name to Joseph. Fits him much better,” she commented.

Since Heather told People in an exclusive interview that the name Reed has “sentimental value,” there won’t be any plans of changing it. But now, with a little support, hopefully she can feel more confident in her decision.

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