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Man’s dance moves are so incredibly fluid that people don’t think he’s a real person

The human body is amazing. People that have figured out a way to command their body to do reality defying acts are just as fascinating. There’s nothing quite like watching someone feel them music, moving so smoothly from one movement to the next while they dance.

Dancing can be a beautiful expression of art and creativity, connecting people through music and movement without even speaking the same language. One dancer from Brazil is turning heads on social media with moves so fluid and robotic that people are questioning if he’s human. Maikon Alves uploaded a video recently of him dancing to “Boom Boom Pow” by the Black Eyed Peas.

To say his dance moves are impressive would be an understatement. Alves pops his chest to the beat while slowly stepping in place making it look like he’s gliding from move to move. Some movements are crisp and sharp like a robot while others are so fluid it’s nearly unbelievable that it could be coming from a human.

While the man’s moves do look slightly out of this world, he is indeed a real person, or at least he appears to be in other videos on his page. Commenters ranged between being in awe of his abilities and questioning if he was human.

“Loved. I like how everything is in sync – from the music to the moves to face expressions. 👏👏👏 and your cool personal style,” one person writes.

“Doesn’t even look real it’s that good..!! Love this,” someone says.

“You will be the dance instructor for the children of our AI overlords someday,” a commenter thinks.

“Nah, this is God-level pop-locking,” someone compliments.

Even Nicole Scherzinger, actress, singer and former member of the pop group and dance ensemble, Pussycat Dolls gave Alves praise saying, “you are a legend!” Watch his reality defying moves for yourself.

This article originally appeared 3.3.24

Source: Upworthy
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