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Hilarious Halloween costumes for dressing up your dogs

Halloween is just around the corner, which means it’s costume crunch time.

As people are making their final decisions about whether to go scary, silly, cute or obscure, some are also deciding how to dress up their doggos. Who doesn’t love seeing a pup with a superhero cape or a dog in a wig and sunglasses bopping down the street?

Whether dogs truly appreciate being dressed up is up for debate. Some people might think it’s cruel to put clothes on an animal, but according to PetMD, not all dogs dislike being dressed up. For those who clearly don’t mind, it can be fun to find Halloween costumes that will make the neighbors giggle.

Some dog costumes are pretty basic, but some definitely exceed expectations. People have been sharing dog costumes on social media that are too clever and hilarious to pass up.

For instance, check out this pumpkin-carrying costume that creates an illusion of two people struggling to haul around a pumpkin.

u201cBest disguise. ud83dude02ud83dude02u201d

— Figen… (@Figen…)

So funny.

Or how about a doggo Chucky costume? These cutie-pies with their little psycho doll costumes are both so adorable and so creepy.

u201cCute and terrifying, all at the same time.nn#dogs #halloweencostumeu201d

— u15f0u15e9u1587u16d5 u15e9. u1587u15e9u01b3u144eu15f4u1587 (@u15f0u15e9u1587u16d5 u15e9. u1587u15e9u01b3u144eu15f4u1587)

If you really want to freak people out and you have a small dog—especially one with short legs—grab a fuzzy tarantula or big black spider costume. Watch how people get pranked with eight-legged doggos:

u201cHow a dog looks in spider costumeu201d


If your dog is bigger and beige, try transforming them into a lion with a lion’s mane costume. Super simple, but the right doggo can pull off a genuine dupe from a distance.

Also in the transforming-into-other-animals category, how about these cute little panda costumes? On a little white dog, the effect is pure perfection, especially when they’re coming straight at you.


#Dogs dressed as pandas for #Halloween. You’ll thank me. #costumes #dogsofttiktok

And for a little yeehaw fun, check out this cowboy bull rider costume. If you can get your pup to run around in circles like this one, you’ve got some serious entertainment on your hands.

If you decide to get a dog costume, make sure you check the measurements to get the right size for your furry friend.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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