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Anchor begins reading ‘breaking news’ report and realizes it’s a marriage proposal

THIS JUST IN: Love is beautiful.

Just ask news anchor Cornelia Nicholson, who thought it was business as usual while reading a breaking news bulletin.

That is until she realized it was a brilliant marriage proposal in disguise.

The look of shock and delight on Nicholson’s face while she reads, “Coming up right now, we have the story of two young journalists…who just so happened to find love in the same industry?” as pictures of herself with boyfriend (and fellow reporter) Riley Nagel pop up onscreen are priceless enough.

But when Nagel actually appears in the studio to give his “special report”? That’s something worthy of a rom-com. Not only did he totally master the art of surprise, but he thoughtfully listed out all the things that he loved about Nicholson before popping the question. And he did it all without ever losing his news anchor voice.


@ceraynicholson Still at a loss for words😭💍 @Riley Nagel hid this so well. I am so excited for our future together #shesafiance #proposalvideo #engagement #news #chattanooga #localnews #love #wedding #surpriseproposal ♬ original sound – Ceray Nicholson

Nicholson wasn’t the only one left swooning after Nagel’s epic proposal. Check out what other folks had to say:

“As a producer, I would have been so giddy the whole show waiting on this. Congrats.”

“This was the sweetest, most gentle proposal. I’m crying.”

“A legend! I’ve never seen a news proposal.”

“I love hearing her voice when she realizes.”


“I know everybody behind the cameras is crying. This is too much for my heart.

Creative, sincere proposals just never get old, do they?

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